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From puberty, to pregnancy, to menopause, a woman's body goes through many complex changes throughout her life.

Approximately 75% of women don't consistently experience orgasm, and many more suffer from embarrassing conditions such as stress incontinence. The Oh Shot is a safe, patent-pending treatment to help women get relief from painful intercourse (aka Dyspuernia), experience an increase in clitoral sensitivity and arousal, experience more frequent and more intense orgasms, and much more.


In and Out in 35 Minutes




What is the Oh-Shot?
What conditions does the Oh-Shot treat?
How does the Oh-Shot work?
Is the Oh-Shot safe?
Where will I be injected and how many times?
Does getting the Oh-Shot hurt?
How long will treatment take?
How long is the recovery time?
How soon will I experience results?
How long is each treatment good for?
If I get the Oh-Shot more often, will I have better results?
Does the Oh-Shot replace the need for lubrication?
Does the Oh-Shot have any side effects?
Am I a good candidate for the Oh-Shot?
How much does it cost?
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The nationwide average price of an O-Shot is $1,750.

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