Get Out of Pain in 3 Simple Steps

Having joint pain does not mean you’re just getting older. There are 3 simple things you can do today to start moving better and get out of pain. Feel free to forward this to your friends and family! Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION HERE.     

The Best Way to Reduce Joint Pain

What is the best way to reduce joint pain without drugs or surgery? Pain is an essential part of being human. Think of it like your body’s own personal alarm system. If something goes wrong, pain can help signal the rest of your body to stop what you’re doing before further injury occurs. Pain usually … Continued

What Do Patients Say About Their Results at Affinity Regen Med?

Mildred Avoided Knee Replacement Surgery with Stem Cell Therapy Joey Avoided Knee Surgery with Stem Cell & PRP Therapy Jeff Avoids Knee Surgery with Stem Cells and Nutrition JUAN Avoided Knee Surgery with PRP and Stem Cell Therapy Patricia Avoided Knee Surgery with Stem Cell & Laser Therapy ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Raquel Was In A Car Accident, … Continued

What’s Affinity PRP?

PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma PRP is a technique used to help patients who suffer from osteoarthritis or joint pain. There are several different techniques used to deliver PRP to patients. Clinical outcomes vary due to the variables involved when dealing with patients diets, physical health, mental health and current drugs schedule. The providers expertise … Continued

What Are Good Non Drug Joint Pain Options?

#1 Diet To reduce joint inflammation safely and long term avoid products with added sugar, avoid all grains and cut out milk products for six weeks. #2 Regen Med Try PRP (platelet rich plasma) or Stem Cell therapies. These therapies are considered very safe options and highly effective for improving joint pain and function. #3 … Continued