In House Labs

With our In house labs, we save you time witch a hassle free convenient process to find out what therapy plans may be best for you. After your samples are taken, spun, and sent out for testing we are with you every step of the way to figure out your options in the meantime. Once your lab results are ready the Providers will review them and you will spend one-on-one time with the Providers to finally decide and discuss your results for the best plan of action to know what is best for you based on your results.




Do you take insurance?

We do take insurance however, there is no guarantee that all expenses will be covered

How long does test result take to come back?

Within 5-7 days

Should I come in fasting?

Yes! For the best results possible we ask that you come in without any food or drinks in your system for the past 12 hours

What time is the best time to come in for labs?

Morning times is recommended just because you should be fasting, but we will always work around YOUR schedule